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You want to improve your life but don’t know how?

Your negative self-talk is impacting your confidence?

Are you in a job or a life that bores you?

You wish your life had more meaning?

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Learn how to super-charge your inner strength so you can have incredible outer confidence.

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To find your life purpose, and match it with your passion and talents!

Start to use proven tools and techniques to increase your personal sense of happiness and fulfilment.

Discover how to replace negative inner thoughts with positive enriching ones.

A new revolution has arrived to Singapore –  a space and place to Supercharge Your Life with our super-cool modern Life Mastery Life Transformation Series.

Access the leading face-to-face training and life mentorship programme.

In a world that is rapidly changing, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. We wonder if we can really have the life we dream about.
I’m here to tell you, ‘YES, You Can!’

Modern research shows that it actually takes 12 weeks to create a new set of behaviors, new habits that lasts.

You can sustain and maintain the progress you want in your life with our ‘Life Mastery’ series.

What Does SoulFit Studios Give You?

Personalised personal life journey assessment with individual pathways to success.

Be part of a community who will support and cheer you on, as you also support them.

Up to 360 life make-over.

Re:invent Yourself.

BE all you can BE.


Get exclusive invitations to our events, soul-fulfilling retreats, special master-class training programmes and top quality products.

SoulFit Studios' Four Coaching Disciplines


Research shows that daily practice of mindfulness significantly reduces stress and increase performance as it improves concentration and focus.
Mindfulness practices include various forms of relaxation & visualization techniques.


Access our exclusive range of professional growth workshops include topics such as personal branding and networking skills to boost your career and credibility at the workplace and with clients. Experience group executive coaching, where for years, MNC’s only offer to top leaders and high performing individuals. Gain the confidence and skills to zoom up the corporate ladder using our bite-size learning and action techniques.


Help your workforce improve their health through practical nutrition advice and demonstrations.
Boost their mental and emotional health with tools and techniques to super-charge confidence and agile mindset.


Get Inner strength and outer confidence by developing and upgrading yourself. Have fulfilling and enriching personal life by getting in touch with yourself, your dreams, your desires. Get a deeper understanding of YOU and you will change your life. You will have more healthy and loving relationships with those around you, the people that matter in your life. Our unique of personal development programmes gives you choices to find the right one for you. Once a week, come and take 1 step in the right direction for you. Our life group coaching and learning classes will show you how.


A range of workshops to suit different needs and life-styles.
Monthly guest lectures and demos. Invest in yourself and see your personal growth impact your performance.

Blending her passions for Well-being and Business

About Anna Tan, Founder SoulFit Studios

“In a world that is rapidly changing, giving people a space to stop, breath and just ‘be’; away from the stresses and demands of life and work – is essential to our emotional, mental and physically wellbeing.”

This is Anna’s philosophy of life and is driving all her entrepreneurial activities. She successfully blends her beliefs and lifestyle aspirations with her businesses, that all are a reflection of her strongly held life philosophy and her deep desire to share this knowledge with the widest audience possible.

Anna believes that one’s quest for quality of life and the ability to perform professionally on a high level are intimately linked, and SoulFit Studio’s, her latest entrepreneurial venture, is designed to allow anyone to affordably benefit from life-changing coaching and trainings.

Of all her business ventures, Anna feels that it is her best yet. It’s all about sharing and allowing anyone to change his or her life for the better, and in this process impacting others to do the same.

Anna’s current and previous corporate client list includes…

What clients say about Anna...